Butt welding Percolate pipe work

For the project “Deponie Lelystad” and her waiste disposal contractor Murmex BV asked Van Kaam B.V. to help with this project. This resulted in butt welding on the spot for percolate pipe work Ø 200 mm.

Producing sewer pits

Producing pits for the renovation of the sewer in Kaag and Braassem. Preparation takes place in our own workshop in Zaandam.

Field heating FC Groningen

In an under layer of  the field, ± 25 cm under the future grass mat pipe work is onder de toekomstige grasmat pipe work was made. The pipes were drawn into the field with a 250 mm space between every pipe.

Recently finished projects

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Butt welding on location for percolate tubes

The project is for “Deponie Lelystad” and her wasteyard. ...

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Sewer inspection pits for district Kaag en Braassem

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What our customers say

Van Kaam B.V. advises us well about applications for plastic pipeline systems and accessories.

The right intermediate between buyer and manufacturer for large series of customized PE products.

Designs, produces and assembles PE products that cannot be manufactured in a plant, very inventive!

Product specialists install pipeline systems on site when a specialized approach is needed.

Van Kaam B.V. develops original PE solutions for uncommon situations and applications.